Yes, we do! Please contact us regarding your specific inquiry by filling out our request for more information. We give you the services you want and need. At Med-Pro, we do our best to accommodate you. We are willing to customize our services to fit your practice!

There are many reasons to utilize a billing service. A billing service's main focus is to obtain maximum reimbursement for the services you provide. We have the time to do the follow-up on every level. Your staff has multiple duties, patient care being their main concern. It is impossible for your staff to stay abreast on all of the follow-up work, insurance regulations, patient care and concerns. Utilizing a billing service will relieve the stress of your staff having to sit on the phone with insurance companies, wasting their valuable time and energy when it should be put to use in caring for your patients. Med-Pro will reduce your $$/Claim cost significantly. We can provide you with a Claims Analysis Survey, so you can see how much you're paying to get a claim processed. There are many more reasons to consider removing the stress from your office. The changes you will see in your practice will be amazing.

Our staffs have over 10 years of experience in the healthcare field. We serve almost all major specialties. The variety of specialties we service requires knowledge of modifier usage, global billing periods, Medicare and Medicaid rules,making it necessary for our staff to continually update their education in order to stay current. We are dedicated to truly knowing and staying current with the ever changing rules and regulation.

Yes, we are. Everything is done to keep up and comply with the HIPAA regulations. As an additional service to our clients, we try to assist our clients with their compliance efforts. We are constantly attending seminars in regards to HIPAA inan effort to stay compliant. This will always be an aspect of the business that will continuously evolve. We intend to evolve with it!

If you or your staff are interested in taking courses online or in the classroom, visit: https://physicianswebsites.com The Medical Association of Billers (MAB) classes are approved and licensed by the Commission for Post Secondary Education. These courses are excellent and range from basic to advanced as well as some specialty courses. We highly recommend them.

Yes, we offer consulting services as well as training for those practices that want to keep their billing in-house.